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Obama: The Great Appeaser

By Todd Starnes

Thousands of Russian troops are massing along the border with Ukraine and the White House is finally admitting what most of us have long suspected – there’s more than likely going to be an invasion.

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Deputy national security adviser Tony Blinken told CNN that it’s possible Russia could invade eastern Ukraine and there’s nothing the United States can do to prevent it.

 Blinken said that “it’s possible they are preparing to move in.”

Meanwhile, President Obama affirmed his “solemn obligation” to defend our NATO allies.

“No one should ever question the commitment of the United States to the security of Europe,” the president told a Dutch newspaper.god less

That’s easy for him to say. His country hasn’t been invaded by the Russians.

Here’s the cold-hard reality — our allies can no longer depend on United States to save the day.

The age of Ronald Reagan standing defiantly at the Brandenburg Gate is long gone.

Now, the United States is led by a man who takes selfies and tools around a golf course wearing mom jeans.

President Obama will be remembered as the Great Appeaser – drawing erasable red lines, downsizing the American military and destabilizing the world at large.

The question isn’t when Putin will take Ukraine. The question is – which country is next?

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