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Obama Selling Gay “Party Pack”

The Obama campaign has launched a line of products for homosexual supporters to show their “Obama Pride” in light of President Obama’s recent announcement that he personally believes gay should be allowed to marry.

Nearly a dozen products have been posted on the Obama campaign’s website – including a special “LGBT For Obama Party Pack.” The $40 pack includes an “Obama Pride” t-shirt, posters, a car magnet and a bumper sticker.


The campaign also wants toddlers to get involved in promoting gay marriage – offering two “onesies” – for babies. The onesies read: “My two moms support Obama” and “My two dads support Obama.”

The campaign also features an array of posters, an LGBT can holder, and an “Out for Obama” t-shirt.

The White House said President Obama’s decision to reveal his personal position on gay marriage was not political – and it was not planned.

But his campaign has already started making money on the announcement — noting the “difference in visions” between Democrats and Republicans on a west coast campaign swing.

And last night Obama hauled in nearly $15 million at a lavish campaign event at George Clooney’s house in Hollywood.

In addition to the LGBT party packs, the Obama campaign is selling party packs for other special interest groups including nurses, Hispanics, and Asian-Americans.

You can check out Team Obama’s gay-themed products here.