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Obama Donor Complains About No Valet Parking at White House

By Todd Starnes

One of President Obama’s wealthy supporters complained about the lack of valet parking at the White House – during a campaign event in California.

Haim Saban needled the president about parking at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue during a high-dollar fundraiser for Democrats. The event was held at Saban’s sprawling Beverly Hills estate.

“Last Friday, the president and first lady were very generous and kind with their time, they invited us to the White House for a very small intimate dinner,” he said. “And we had a wonderful time – great food, great company, very inspiring.”

And then, Saban dropped the bombshell.

“No valet parking,” he said. “You know what? I had to walk to the White House. We have valet parking at the Sabans! So, Mr. President, if you would, please, thank you. Taxpayers’ money? I’ll fund it, no problem.”

President Obama then offered the wealthy Californian and his wife, Cheryl, the opportunity to drive their car on the South Lawn.

“Now, let me clarify something,” the president said. “First of all, there was valet parking – for Cheryl. We thought it was appropriate for Haim to get some exercise. Cheryl, being the wonderful person that she is, declined the valet parking, and so she might have joined him. But I would have been happy to have her drive right up into the South Lawn.”

Maybe they could park in the Rose Garden, too.

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