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Obama Cracks Joke About U.S. Military

President Obama cracked a joke about American troops during after-dinner remarks on his official visit to Australia.

The president qualified his joke by saying it was a true story involving American troops and Australian troops serving together in Afghanistan.

President Obama and Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard - AP

“Our guys, the Americans, couldn’t figure out why your guys were always talking about cheese,” Obama said.  “All day long.  Morning, noon and night.  Why are the Aussies always talking about cheese?  And then, finally, they realized — it was their Australian friends just saying hello, just saying “cheers.” 

“So we Americans and Australians, we may not always speak the same way, or use the same words, but I think it’s pretty clear, especially from the spirit of this visit, and our time together this evening, that we understand each other.”

A cheap laugh from the Commander in Chief — at the expense of the brave men and women who defend our nation.