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NYC Won’t Host Parade for Iraq War Vets

New York City will not host a parade to honor Iraq war veterans — even though the nation’s largest city has previously hosted parades honoring United American Muslim Day.


Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced on WOR Radio that military officials raised objections to a possible parade and “think a parade would be premature while we still have so many troops in harm’s way around the world.”

Bloomberg said the Pentagon “made it clear” to the city “they do not think a parade is appropriate now.”

However, in December, the Pentagon seemed to suggest it was New York City’s decision — noting that the city had yet to make a formal proposal for a parade, according to the Associated Press.

The Big Apple hosts a number of parades annually — honoring everything from Gay Pride to Muslim Day.

Meanwhile, as many as 100,000 people turned out to celebrate Iraq War veterans in St. Louis — believed to be the first big welcome-home for veterans.

Some 600 veterans walked along downtown streets as people clapped, cheered and waved American flags. The Associated Press reported that a number of the troops were wiping away tears.

The parade also featured fire trucks, marching bands and even the Budweiser Clydesdales.

But sadly — in New York City — there will be no parade.