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Mrs. Obama: Tell “Knuckleheads” to Vote for Barack Obama

By Todd Starnes

First Lady Michelle Obama told a crowd of supporters to encourage “knuckleheads” to vote during a campaign stop at an Ohio university — calling it their “secret plan” to get re-elected.


The First Lady delivered her remarks to students at Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio — urging them to get their classmates to go to the polls.

“Talk to everyone you know — your friends, your neighbors, that cousin you haven’t seen in a while, that student sitting in your next class,” she told her husband’s supporters. “You know he’s kind of a knucklehead — and may not be — you know the one.”

As the audience laughed, she told students to be nice to the knuckleheads.

“Don’t call him a knucklehead — not to his face,” she said. “You just want to encourage him to get to the polls.”

Ironically, just moments before she mentioned the “knuckleheads” — Mrs. Obama reminded the audience that her husband was “fighting every day to make sure that this country lives up to the values we were raised with –values like trust and integrity, honesty and determination.”

She also urged students not to “let anyone talk down your dreams and aspirations.”

“You hear me?” she asked. “Don’t let anyone talk down our country or our future. You all have every reason to be optimistic about what lies ahead for you, because here in America, we always move forward. We always make progress. Do you hear me?

It was unclear if the knuckleheads heard her.

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