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Moonpies, Possums & Bologna Falling from the Sky

By Todd Starnes

Time’s Square. Home to the most famous new year’s celebration in the nation.


But if you hang a right at the crossroads of the world, you’ll discover dozens and dozens of uniquely American celebrations.

Like in Mount Olive, North Carolina – where they drop a giant pickle at the stroke of midnight or Memphis, Tennessee – where the drop a huge guitar.

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Fruit is another popular symbol. Atlanta’s dropping a peach, Miami’s got an orange

Lots of animals too – a flying pig in Cincinnati — a muskrat in Maryland and a walleye fish in Ohio.

New Jersey dropped Snooki — in Seaside Heights – but she survived — unscathed.

Pennsylvania seems to be the most popular state to drop stuff. In no particular order – they’re dropping a beaver, ping pong balls, a large stuffed goat,  and a 100 pound slab of bologna.

The bologna would pare well with the eighty pound wedge of cheese they drop in Plymouth, Wisconsin.

If you’ve got a hankering for dessert just head on down to Mobile, Alabama where a six hundred pound electric Moonpie will light up the sky.

The moon pie of course – a southern delicacy.

Revelers will get to feast on an edible version — nearly four feet wide – packed with 45,000 calories

And that’s what makes our New Years Eve celebrations, so uniquely American.

It’s getting together  with our family and friends — embracing – stealing a kiss.

As we bid farewell to days gone by and celebrate the days to come.