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Levin calls Starnes’ Book ‘Compelling, Refreshing”

Best-selling author and radio host Mark Levin said a new book written by FOX News Radio’s Todd Starnes is a compelling and refreshing read.

“There’s a great book out there that’s not getting the attention it deserves,” Levin said on his nationally syndicated talk show.

“Dispatches From Bitter America” is a collection of culture war stories from a gun-toting, chicken-eating, son-of-a-Baptist. The book is based on outrageous comments President Obama once made calling Americans who cling to their guns and religion “bitter Americans.”

Starnes discovered in his book that the reason people are clinging to their guns and religion is because they’re afraid the government is going to take them away.

“Your book is great,” he told Starnes on the show. “A lot of heavy stuff but on the other hand, you deal with it in a way where you don’t go to the roof and jump off.”

“I’ve been a fan of your’s from afar,” Levin said. “Your book is very compelling, it’s very refreshing and it’s very easy to read. and you do have — a great sense of humor – a good sarcastic wit.”

To purchase a copy of “Dispatches From Bitter America,” click here.