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Lawsuit: Planned Parenthood Forced, Then Botched Abortion

By Todd Starnes

A Planned Parenthood doctor forced a woman to undergo an abortion without anesthesia and then botched the procedure leaving her to seek treatment at a nearby hospital, according to a lawsuit filed in a Colorado court. An emergency room doctor later discovered parts of the baby’s body had been left inside the woman’s womb.


Ayanna Byer, 40, filed the lawsuit, at the prompting of the emergency room doctor who treated her two days after the botched abortion.

Byers had gone to the emergency room after Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains advised her that they did not offer follow-up care for post-abortion complications, the lawsuit alleges.

Dr. Steven Foley accused Planned Parenthood of abandoning Byer in the aftermath of the abortion.

“It is not acceptable to refer your patients to the emergency department and assume the on-call doctor will take care of any complications and assume all the risk associated with the complications,” Foley wrote in a certified review of the incident.

“No practicing physician can maintain privileges to practice and perform surgery if they do not provide specific coverage for their patients in case of a complication,” he wrote. “It is considered abandonment of your patient.”

Byer is represented by the Alliance Defending Freedom. They said she changed her mind about the abortion after Planned Parenthood could not provide her with the agreed-upon intravenous anesthesia. They allege the doctor proceeded with the abortion anyway.

“A woman’s life is more important than Planned Parenthood’s bottom line,” ADF attorney Doug Romero said. “What Planned Parenthood did to Ayanna is beyond the pale. They clearly put her through extraordinary cruelty and jeopardized her life. Their actions were intolerable.”

A Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains spokesperson told Fox News they have not been served with the lawsuit – and would not comment.

ADF alleges that the abortion doctor began the procedure while Byer was fully awake – without any anesthesia.

The court documents state the doctor turned on the vacuum machines and told Byer it was too late to stop the abortion.

“Is this the type of organization American taxpayers should be funding to the tune of $540 million per year?” said ADF senior counsel Michael Norton. “Planned Parenthood is irresponsible and only promotes its own self-interest. That was clearly seen most vividly in what they did to Ayanna.”

According to the emergency room doctor, Byer arrived in “septic with a high fever and elevated white blood count. She required immediate high-risk surgery to remove the remaining body parts – left behind by Planned Parenthood.

“Because of the continued pain and heavy bleeding, I was concerned the patient might have had an ectopic pregnancy, he wrote in a statement.

The doctor called Planned Parenthood and asked about pathology reports on Byer – but he was told they don’t do pathology reports on abortion patients.

Norton told Fox News that if it hadn’t been for the emergency room doctor’s intervention they might not have heard about the incident.

“He was mortified and horrified at what he found,” he said. “He thought the abortionist should be held accountable for patient abandonment.”

Byer left the hospital four days after her surgery.