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It’s a Zoo, Not Chuck-E-Cheese

By Todd Starnes

Zookeepers in Cincinnati had a split-second decision to make: spare a gorilla – or save a four-year-old child.

It appears that many animal rights activists and Hollywood celebrities believe the zoo made the wrong choice.

The child was saved. The gorilla was shot.

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The ensuing outrage is beyond belief. Tens of thousands have signed petitions – demanding the parents be charged.

The hashtag gorilla lives matter trended on Twitter.

Even Drudge Report seemed to take sides — posting a banner headline alleging the giant beast had been “murdered.”

Enraged Hollywood celebrities unleashed their fury at the zoo and the child’s parents in 140-characters or less.

“It seems that some gorillas make better parents than some people,” Ricky Gervais wrote.

“If you leave your kid in a car you go to jail, if you let your kid fall into a Gorilla Enclosure u should too!” opined D.L. Hughley.

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Using their twisted logic — the Left seems to believe gorilla lives matter more than human lives – and they want their pound of human flesh.

Critics say the zoo should have done a better job of protecting patrons from the animals. But zookeepers say their animal enclosures passed recent inspections. And many animal experts say there was no other choice but to put down the gorilla.

Critics say the parents should have done a better job watching their kids. Yes, they should. But eyewitnesses say the parents of the child did nothing wrong.

Sometimes accidents just happen – no matter how many precautions you take.

What happened in Cincinnati was a tragedy –but this was a matter of life or death. The New York Times reports the gorilla had the ability to crush a coconut with its hands. And it was clear from the video that the child was in grave danger.

Remember folks — it’s a zoo — not Chuck-E-Cheese.


Todd Starnes is the host of Fox News & Commentary – heard on more than 470 radio stations around the nation. He is the author of “God Less America.”