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Illinois Police Lift Ban on Denny’s

By Todd Starnes

Police officers in Belleville, Ill. may once again eat their Moons Over My-Hammy.

The police chief has lifted an order banning his officers from eating at the local Denny’s  after a manager told a detective she could not bring her firearm into the restaurant.


The incident occurred on New Year’s Day when five detectives were eating at the restaurant. A manager approached their table and told one of the detectives that she had to take her weapon out to her car or leave the restaurant.

The detectives initially thought it was a joke, police spokesman Don Sax said, noting that all of the officers had displayed their badges and several police radios were on the table.

“(The manager) stated that he had a complaint from another customer about the weapon and she had to take the weapon outside or leave,” he said.

In response, Belleville’s police chief banned his officers from dining at the restaurant while on duty.

On Thursday a Denny’s official met with the police department and offered an apology for the actions taken by the local restaurant’s management. Denny’s reiterated their corporate policy allows all law enforcement officers to carry their weapons while inside their restaurants.

A spokesman for the police department said they appreciated Denny’s handling of the incident – and the ban has been lifted.

“I have patronized Denny’s in the past and will continue to do so in the future,” Chief William Clay said in a statement. “I harbor no grudges. This was an unfortunate incident by an individual employee; it has been made right.”

Case closed.

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