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Hey Mr. Trump, How About Focusing on the Issues?

By Todd Starnes

A growing number of conservatives are beginning to wonder if they’ve been snookered by Donald Trump.

Mr. Trump earned their support by promising to build a wall – to fight for the American working man — to put conservative justices on the Supreme Court.

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But lately – he’s been spending more time fighting personal battles instead of talking about important political issues.

Take — for example – this ugly battle over the Mexican heritage of the Judge hearing the Trump University case.

Mr. Trump reportedly told supporters to double down on their attacks – to label inquisitive reporters as racists.

And National Review reports that pro-Trump surrogates issued a veiled threat against the wife of David French. Mr. French is a conservative war hero who had been contemplating a third party run.

According to their account, one Trump operative contacted Mrs. French’s family in Tennessee. He was “instructed to call and deliver a message that the race would be very difficult for me. It was a pretty big assault that really put pressure on David that this not happen.”

It was despicable.

I know Mr. Trump is relatively new to the conservative movement – so let me offer him a few words of advice.

Conservatives don’t flip-flop. That’s what Establisment Republicans do.

Conservatives do not employ goon squads. That’s what the Democrats do.

As we say in the South – Mr. Trump needs to dance with the issues that brought him to the big dance in the first place.