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Guess Who Wants to be Your Sugar Daddy?

By Todd Starnes

Every now and then the White House slips up and unintentionally reveals their true nature.

Remember Pajama Boy?

The Obama Administration used a man-child sipping cocoa in a flannel onesie to promote the Affordable Care Act.

The young man was meant to represent a generation able-bodied American young people currently residing in their parent’s basements.

As if slumming in your parent’s basement isn’t bad enough — the Missouri chapter of the president’s Organizing for Action took it a step further.

“Not covered?” they tweeted. “Got a sugar daddy/momma to pay for those medical bills?”

Sugar Daddy? Sugar Momma?

This is the problem with America, folks. We’ve got a generation of young people driving out in Chevy Cobalts, wearing footed pajamas, nibbling on teething cookies thinking they’re entitled to our hard-earned money.

We’ve gone from the Greatest Generation to the Sugar Daddy Generation.

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