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GSA Films Taxpayer-Funded Parodies of Rocky, Jeopardy & Godfather

Employees of the General Services Administration used taxpayer money to produce more than a half-dozen video parodies of movies like “Rocky,” “Mission Impossible,” and “The Godfather,” according to information uncovered by Judicial Watch.

The videos were uncovered in a 2012 Inspector General’s report and turned over to Judicial Watch after they filed a Freedom of Information Act request.

The videos show employees dressed in costumes pretending to be Sherlock Holmes and contestants on Jeopardy. In one video, a GSA employee can be seen stroking a cat — in his lap.

Judicial Watch said they were alerted to the existence of the newly uncovered videos by Linda Shenwick, a GSA whistleblower who objected to the extravagant spending.

She is pursuing a whistleblower case against GSA after she was demoted and moved to an office in the agency’s child care center.

“This latest round of extravagant and embarrassing GSA videos is further evidence of a bloated federal government completely out of control,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.  “Clearly the new administrator will have his work cut out for him if this pattern of preposterous waste is to be curtailed.”

A GSA spokesman told Fox News the videos were produced in-house by employees and only cost $38.

“The head of GSA, Dan Tangherlini referred these videos to the Inspector General for further review,” the spokesman said. “This is another example of past GSA practices and an already recognized pattern of misjudgment spanning many years and administrations. These videos were made and shown in 2011 in a regional office, prior to new leadership arriving at GSA.  Under the new leadership at GSA, these types of events are not tolerated and must be submitted for review to senior leadership.”