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Gov. Christie (RINO-NJ) Says He’s a Conservative

By Todd Starnes

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From New York, I’m Todd Starnes with this Fox News and Commentary next.

Chris Christie won a second term as New Jersey’s governor last night. It was a landslide victory.

He stopped just short of announcing his intentions to run for the White House and he’s already started to undergo something of a political makeover.

He stunned the Tea Party yesterday by declaring that he’s really a conservative – not a moderate.

The governor told Politico the reason folks think he’s a moderate is because of his bromance with President Obama in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. How can we forget the images of those Chris and Barack taking long walks down the beach, gazing into each other’s eyes? Or the moment when the president gently touched the governor’s shoulder, their hands briefly clasped.

It was a schoolgirl crush worthy of a prime time special on the ABC Family Channel – “Barack and Chris – An American Love Story.”

And that’s why Gov. Christie believes that conservatives are questioning is credentials.

I’m sure it has nothing to do with his questionable support of the Second Amendment. I’m sure it has nothing to do with his decision to stop defending traditional marriage. I’m sure it has nothing to do with giving illegal immigrants a discount on college tuition.

Governor Christie told CNN that he feels like the Republican Party cares more about winning the argument than they do about winning elections.

In other words, electability should trump principle and belief.

It was a political philosophy also shared by the Romney campaign. And we all see how that worked out.

I’m Todd Starnes