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Get An Advance Copy of Todd’s New Book!

Todd’s publisher is offering his readers an exclusive, first-edition of his newest book, “God Less America.”

This Hardcover First Edition of God Less America has been personally autographed by Todd Starnes. The book is exclusively made available at PremiereCollectibles.com.God Less America 10-29C (2)

American Christians are facing uncertain times. Our nation’s values are under assault. Religious liberty has been undermined. We live in a day when right is now wrong and wrong is now right. The vicious leftwing attack against the recent traditional marriage stance of Chick-fil-A should serve as a wakeup call to people of faith. It’s not about a chicken sandwich. It’s about religious liberty. It’s about free speech. It’s about the future of our nation.

As a commentator covering the culture war for FOX News, Todd Starnes is on the front lines of these attacks against traditional values. In God Less America, he uses both recent news stories and compelling interviews with today’s top conservative leaders to bring to light what is happening across our country. In his award-winning, satire-meets-serious writing style, he strikes an important blow in today’s culture wars.