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Georgia Town Dishonors War Dead


By Todd Starnes

Paulding County, Georgia lost 79 of their sons and daughters on foreign battlefields — defending our land so that our sons and daughters might grow up to be free men and free women.

So it only seemed fitting that the citizens of Paulding County honor their heroes. And they did — posting hand made crosses on a patch of city land — near Highway 92.

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So when folks drove past the Waffle House and the Dunkin Donuts – they might remember — those who made the ultimate sacrifice

But instead — someone took offense –A complaint was filed. Questions raised. Were the crosses an appropriate symbol to honor our fallen heroes?

What kind of a person would ask such a cruel question? What kind of person would take offense at a war memorial?

The crosses in Hiram, Georgia were indeed an appropriate symbol — just as appropriate as the rows and rows of white crosses in Normandy.

City Hall took immediate action. The crosses were to be taken down — removed from public view.

“It opened our eyes that we missed something here, and we immediately took corrective action,” City Manager Barry Atkinson told television station WSB. 

Instead of defending those who defended us — Hiram City Hall shamed themselves and dishonored the dead.