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Fourth Graders Ordered to Write Letters to Obama

By Todd Starnes

Fourth grade students at a public school in a battleground state were ordered by their teachers to write letters to President Obama, according to an outraged parent.


The parent said his child is enrolled in an afterschool program called “PLACE” at Seven Oaks Elementary School in Pasco County, Fla.

“My daughter told me that the PLACE teachers made all of the children write a letter to Barack Obama,” the unidentified parent wrote in an email. “My daughter told them that she did not want to write a letter to Barack Obama but she would like to write a letter to Mitt Romney instead.”

The parent said the teachers told her no.

“The PLACE teachers told her that they were sorry but everyone was to write a letter to Barack Obama,” he said.

The parent said he and his wife were voicing their concerns and objections to school officials.

“We don’t appreciate them insisting that our daughter write a letter to someone that we do not support,” he said. “Is there anything else that can be done to stop this attempt to indoctrinate our children?”

The Pasco County School district has been rocked by allegations that volunteers from Organizing For America were allowed on high school campuses to register hundreds of teenagers to vote.

Obama campaign volunteers at one high school allegedly told teenage girls that if Mitt Romney was elected president, he would take away their birth control and outlaw abortion.

An Obama volunteer at another school, who was identified as a former teacher, was given permission to deliver highly partisan speeches to a number of senior high school classes.

When Republicans asked for equal access – the school district denied their request.

Neither officials at the school nor the school district returned calls seeking comment.

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