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Federal Judge Says Christian College Must Obey Obamacare

By Todd Starnes

A federal judge has dismissed Colorado Christian University’s lawsuit challenging Obamacare.


The Christian university filed a lawsuit in 2011 that said its religious beliefs kept it from providing coverage for emergency contraceptives.

According to court documents, the judge granted the federal government’s request to dismiss the case. They argued that the government plans on accommodating religious objections. The university is also protected from an enforcement action until at least July 1, 2014.colorado

Eric Baxter, the lead attorney on the case for the Becket Fund, told Fox News that Obamacare is a “direct intrusion into the conscience of Americans.”

“It’s the government agencies saying the only allegiance these people should have is to the government and they should forget about their conscience and the obligations to their God,”

Baxter said Colorado Christian is considering an appeal of the decision.

“There’s no question the rule as it currently exists violates the constitutional rights of organizations like CCU,” he said. “The government has made numerous exemptions for other organizations and there’s no reason why it can’t exempt organizations like CCU who exempt on religious grounds. Its failure to do so is a violation of the First Amendment.”

With reporting from Associated Press

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