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Eleven Years Ago Today

By Todd Starnes

It was eleven years ago today.

Our lives changed on that day. Mighty towers fell. Lives were lost. It was the day Islamic extremists declared war on our nation.

And here we are – eleven years later.

I live just a few miles from where the towers once stood. Every morning I take the subway into work, across the Manhattan bridge – the Statue of Liberty to my left, the new World Trade Center to my right.

I’ve watched over the years as a gleaming tower rose from the place we once called Ground Zero. Today it is home to giant waterfalls and trees – life where death once was.

It was in the shadow of this new symbol that Americans celebrated, rejoiced – when word came that Osama bin Laden had been killed. I was there – recording the sounds of that day.

Yet, here we are – eleven years later.

We remember those who are gone.

We remember that day.

We remember that freedom comes with a price.

It was eleven years ago today.