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Elderly Couple Face Vandalism, Molotov Cocktail Over Romney Sign

By Todd Starnes

An elderly California couple has been subjected to violent threats, vandalism and a fake Molotov cocktail because they erected a pro-Mitt Romney sign on their front yard.


Gene Liboff, 78, of Woodland Hills, Calif., told Fox News the latest incident occurred last week when someone left a baby food canister with a wick attached to it – next to the sign. The bottle was filled with liquid.

A spokesperson for the Los Angeles Police Dept. confirmed to Fox News that the incident occurred. The fire department and bomb squad were summoned – but the device turned out to be a fake. No arrests have been made.

Liboff said their homemade sign has been destroyed six times.

“My wife is a very persistent person,” he told Fox News. “She wasn’t going to give in. She kept resurrecting the sign.”

One day, his wife, Dee, was in the front yard repairing the sign, when she was threatened by a passerby.

“Somebody came by while my wife was fixing up the sign and said, ‘you’re dead,’” he said. “We are surrounded by liberals.”

Their story was first reported on the Godfather Politics website.

The Liboffs are members of the Tea Party movement – and said they are not about to be scared off by the attacks.

“We believe in free speech and we feel that it’s our right to put the sign up and say what we believe,” he said. “We don’t like being told we can’t do that. That’s what they’re trying to do – shut us down.”

“My wife is strongly religious and she believes God is on our side and that what will be will be.”

He did say that some neighbors have been sympathetic.

“One lady said she doesn’t believe the way we do – but she believes in our right to say what we want to say,” he said.

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