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Does Google Hate America?

By Todd Starnes

Google apparently did not think it was worth their time to create a Memorial Day doodle honoring the brave men and women who’ve sacrificed their lives for our freedom.


Many online users of the search engine expressed their outrage  over what they consider to be a patriotic slight.

Google also chooses to ignore Christian holidays like Christmas. So they have a problem with G.I. Joe and Jesus? Imagine that.

But they have no problem making doodles for Earth Day or Charles Darwin’s birthday. (He’s the guy who thinks we came from monkeys.)

Google did not comment – but late yesterday – the company added a tiny American flag and yellow ribbon to its page.

The website Search Engine Roundtable noted that  Google has a long history of not honoring Memorial Day. In 2008, they released a statement to the website explaining they feared a Memorial Day graphic could be interpreted as disrespectful.

“If we were to commemorate this holiday, we’d want to express reverence; however, as Google’s special logos tend to be lighthearted in nature, this would be a particularly challenging design,” the statement read.

For the record – Google is a private company. They can doodle whoever or whatever they want.

But there are also plenty of other search engines on the Internet – and many of them honored our fallen war heroes – including Yahoo, Bing and Ask.com.

So you can either use a search engine that honors America and Jesus – or one that doesn’t.

And perhaps someone should remind the folks at Google – that American heroes shed their blood – so they could have the right to doodle.

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