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DC Comics Faces Boycott over Anti-Gay Superman Writer

By Todd Starnes

Gay rights activists are calling for DC Comics to fire the author of a new digital Superman project because he is opposed to gay marriage.


Orson Scott Card, a well-known science fiction author, is part of a team of writers and artists assembled by DC Comics to create “Adventures of Superman.”

Card, who is Mormon, is also an opponent of same-sex marriage. He once called gay marriage the end of democracy in America.

He once wrote that “the left is at war with the family” and suggested gays could change.

“Same-sex attraction is not a strait jacket; people’s desires change over time; gay people still have choices; a reproductive dysfunction like same-sex attraction is not a death sentence for your DNA or for your desire to have a family in which children grow up with male and female parents to model appropriate gender roles,” he wrote in an op-ed.

And Card’s participation in the Superman project has sparked outrage across the nation’s gay community.

Thousands have signed a petition at Allout.org calling for DC Comics to fire Card – and if they don’t – the comic book publisher could face a boycott.

“He’s written publicly that he believes marriage equality would lead to the end of civilization,” the petition states. “We need to let DC Comics know they can’t support Orson Scott Card or his work to keep LGBT people as second-class citizens. They know they’re accountable to their fans, so if enough of us speak out now, they’ll hear us loud and clear.”

A DC Comics spokesperson released a statement to Fox News defending Card.

“As content creators we steadfastly support freedom of expression, however the personal views of individuals associated with DC Comics are just that – personal views – and not those of the company itself,” the statement read.

Their defense of Card is not likely to quell the anger building in the gay community.

The website Queerty addressed the controversy in a column titled, “Why Did DC Comics Hire Rabid Homophobe Orson Scott Card to Write Superman?”

Jono Jarrett, of the Geeks Out fan group, called the inclusion of Card “deeply disappointing.”

“Superman stands for truth, justice and the American way,” he told The Guardian. “Orson Scott Card does not stand for any ideas of truth, justice or the American way that I can subscribe to.”

Actor Michael Hartney wrote online that Card is an embarrassment to the company.

“If this was a Holocaust denier or a white supremacist, there would be no question,” he wrote on Tumblr. “Hiring that writer would be an embarrassment to your company.”

Card, who did not respond to interview requests, is also a board member of the National Organization for Marriage – a group that promotes the traditional version of marriage.

NOM President Brian Brown told Fox News he was simply stunned that gay rights activists are trying to destroy a man’s career.

“This is completely un-American and it needs to be stopped,” Brown said. “Simply because we stand up for traditional marriage, some people feel like it’s okay to target us for intimidation and punishment.”

Brown called the attacks on Card frightening and said it’s another example of gay rights activists trying to punish those who believe marriage should be a union between a man and woman.

“Marriage is the union of a man and a woman,” Brown said. “That is not hateful. That is not bigoted.”

He said it’s not the first time gay activists have tried to have people fired for their personal beliefs. He recalled the story of a waitress in California who gave money to Proposition Eight. Pro-gay activists set up picket lines at the restaurant calling for her ouster.

“We can disagree on core issues – but we can do so in such a way where we don’t try to hurt or intimidate each other,” Brown told Fox News.

There are some who agree with Brown, like Rich Johnston of the website Bleeding Cool.

He said it was wrong to demand Card’s firing.

“It’s a very dangerous game,” he wrote. “It has led in the past to witch trials, McCarthyite or otherwise, and it’s no better than the actions of, say, One Million Moms. And next time? It could be you.”

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