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DAR Denies They Are Censoring Prayers

The Daughters of the American Revolution denied allegations from a group of members who accused the patriotic organization of removing the name “Jesus Christ” in their official books as well as directing them to refrain from praying in the name of Christ.

“This is an absolute falsehood,” the DAR said in a statement posted on their website – referring to allegations they had told members not to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.”

“Each chaplain and other officers are strongly encouraged to create their own prayers into which they may insert the name of Jesus Christ as deemed appropriate for the occasion and the audience,” the statement read.

However, a newsletter obtained by Fox News indicates a state DAR chaplain told members to stop using the name of Christ.

“The Chaplain General uses scriptures from both the Old and New Testaments and prays in the name of God without referencing Christ,” the statement read. “Chapter and district chaplains need to follow the example set by the National Society.”

The chaplain’s statement also reminded members to “appreciate the differences in members’ religious beliefs and to adapt our rituals and prayers to respect these differences.”

The DAR disputed that notion – stating that “At our Executive meetings, knowing that we are all Christian, we pray in the name of Jesus. When those are present whose faith is unknown, we pray in God’s name.”

A number of DAR members contacted Fox News and accused the organization of being politically correct and trying to rewrite the history of the DAR.

“They are changing the legacy and intent of the Founding Ladies and rewriting the history of the Daughters of the American Revolution,” one member told Fox News. “How dare they? They’re supposed to be doing it out of inclusion. To me, it’s exclusion. If they are saying it’s because of religious intolerance – my question is – if someone is so incensed over the name of Jesus and words like ‘white crosses’ that reference soldiers who died for America – is it not they who are intolerant?”

The disgruntled members said the DAR erased any mention of Jesus Christ from the newly revised Missal & Ritual – a primary guide for chaplains.

The DAR also denied they had totally removed the name of Christ from the Ritual & Missal.

“That is simply not the case,” the DAR said. “In promoting the importance of freedom of religion upon which our country was founded, our Founding Fathers intended for all religions and not one specific faith to be allowed and respected.”

“A group of us went through the Ritual & Missal and compared the old version and the new version,” a member told Fox News. “Every single prayer closing in the name of Jesus Christ no longer included the name of Jesus Christ.”

There is one mention of Jesus when describing Easter – but a side by side comparison of the old and new books show that the words “Jesus Christ” were in fact removed – many times.

The DAR defends the revision noting that there are more than 300 references to God – but not “Jesus Christ.”

“The response from the leadership was one of being inclusive and being sensitive to non-Christians and other beliefs,” a member told Fox News. “The minority rules instead of the majority.”

The DAR in their statement said the changes were made in the “spirit of our Founding Fathers desire for freedom of religion that the most recent changes to the Ritual & Missal were made.”