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Confessions of an American Tweep

By Todd Starnes

I love to tweet.

And I’ve tweeted everywhere – from Times Square to the White House. I’ve even tweeted at 40,000- feet on a Delta jetliner bound for somewhere south of the Mason-Dixon Line.


I do most of my tweeting from the far right side of the Fox News Corner of the World – chatting online with great Americans from across the fruited plain.

I tried tweeting in church once but I got caught – my pastor sent me a direct message during the offertory prayer telling me “Thou Shalt Not Tweet.”

I remember the early days of social networking when I announced to my family I had taken up tweeting. My Aunt Lynn immediately had me placed on the church prayer list.

I tried to explain to her that Twitter was simply a microblog that condenses one’s thoughts into 140-character nuggets. But she was not convinced and warned me that God-fearing Christians should not tweet – especially in public.

That was back in 2010 – and now even Aunt Lynn tweets – along with tens of millions of Americans. That can be a daunting challenge for newcomers – and even some old-timers.

So who is worth following on Twitter?

Over the years I’ve been accumulated an all-star list of folks worth following. Some are household names, others are not. But all are conservative, many are faith-friendly, and not a single person has ever tweeted a photograph of their body parts.

Here’s my top ten list of tweeps I follow:

  1. David Limbaugh (@davidlimbaugh) David is one of the most prolific tweeps I know. He’s able to pack a liberal dose of conservative theology into 140 characters. He’s also a best-selling author and he’s one of the few national celebrities who tweets back. Oh yeah – David is also the brother of Rush.
  2. Nansen Malin (@nansen) Nansen hold forth on the Left Coast – and she’s got a passion for politics, technology, beach life and salmon. I’m a catfish man, but I digress. She’s also a former Alinsky student – converted to the conservative way of life. I admire that.
  3. Michelle Malkin (@michellemalkin) I love Michelle Malkin – and not just because she endorsed my book. She is a sweet and gentle wife and mother who makes liberals tremble in fear. I’ve seen her disembowel left-wingers faster than a cheetah chasing an antelope on the African Savanna.
  4. Patricia Heaton (@patriciaheaton) I was a big fan of Patricia’s when she starred on Everybody Loves Raymond. She also happens to be one of five conservatives currently working in Hollywood. Her tweets are a mix of traditional American values and Hollywood insider fun.
  5. MarkLevinShow (@MarkLevinShow) – I listen to Mark Levin’s radio show as I job in Central Park. It scares away the New York City muggers. Mark’s twitter feed is just as fierce. He thinks and says what every lawmaker in Washington, D.C. should think and say.
  6. Caleb Parke (@calebparke) Caleb is a conservative college student who is pro-life, pro-gun, and pro-style. He’s an up-and-coming conservative who’s not afraid to wear a bow tie.
  7. Chicks on the Right (@chicksonright) The Chicks on the Right are two Indiana moms who love to dish on Nancy Pelosi and the Kardashians. They’ve also been reprimanded on several occasions by Facebook. Women with an attitude – conservatively speaking.
  8. Alexa Shrugged (@alexashrugged) – Get it? Atlas Shrugged? Anyway – this Inside-the-Beltway lady is not drinking the Kool-Aid. She tweets it like it is. AlexaShrugged is a “war-on-terror-supporting, free-market-loving, global warming-denying, NRA card carrying, God-fearing, Rush-listening, NR-subscribing, pro-life conservative gal.” I believe that covers it all.
  9. Fox Nation (@foxnation) It’s the clearing house for stories that impact American culture. It’s also a place to stir up debate with your fellow members of the Fox Nation. I check this twitter feed daily!
  10. TwitchyTeam – (@twitchyteam) Twitchyteam is basically an aggregate site for tweeps. It’s impossible to read every tweet and TwitchyTeam does a great job tracking down the pithiest and wittiest tweets and posting them on their feed.

There you have it folks – some of my favorite folks to follow on Twitter – and I’m sure they will make your top ten list. And don’t forget me — @toddstarnes.

In the meantime, here’s a bit of social networking advice from Aunt Lynn: try not to be a twit when you tweet, tweeps.