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Bus Driver Fired After Bullying Child Over Romney Sign

By Todd Starnes

A Wisconsin bus driver has been fired after telling a 12-year-old boy that he should have been aborted because his parents had a Mitt Romney campaign sign in their yard.


Durham School Services confirmed in a statement to Fox News that the 78-year-old driver “engaged in a political debate with students” and “made an inappropriate remark to a child.”

After a brief investigation, the driver was subsequently fired, the statement read.

“The driver’s remark was insensitive and inappropriate,” the statement read. “Durham has apologized to the family.”

The incident was first reported by the Freedom Eden website. The child’s mother was a guest on Fox News Radio affiliate WISN where she told her side of the story.

She said the trouble started two weeks ago when they put a Romney sign in their front yard.

“The only reason your parents are Romney fans is because they’re rich,” she allegedly told the child.

The boy’s mother – who was only identified as Debbie – told the radio station that several days ago some students in the back of the bus were chanting “Romney, Romney.”

“She made my son come up to the front (of the bus) and told him all Republicans are liars,” she said. “He didn’t want to take it. He said Obama is pro-abortion. She said, ‘Well, maybe your mom should have chosen abortion for you.’”

The mother said her son was crying and said he never wanted to get on the bus again.

“He goes to a Catholic school,” she said. “He was told that he should have been aborted.”

After she notified the bus company the driver was immediately removed from service until they completed the investigation. The company stated the driver had an incident-free record for more than 20 years.