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Black Conservatives Targeted on Twitter, Facebook

By Todd Starnes

A black pro-life coalition had its Twitter account shut down after they announced plans on the social networking site to protest the NAACP.


“Twitter shut us down,” said Stephen Broden, a spokesman for the National Black Prolife Coalition and Dallas-area pastor.

Their trouble started on Jan. 28 when Leroy Dodd, the group’s social media manager, sent out a tweet promoting the demonstration against the NAACP at the Image Awards.

“We sent out our first tweet at 9:17 a.m.,” he told Fox News. “Eight tweets later we were shut down.”

Dodd said he received a message from Twitter advising him that he had been suspended.

“I had to acknowledge I had been reported and I needed to change my behavior,” Dodd said.

He complied and the suspension was lifted – but when he put out another tweet accusing the NAACP of betraying the black community – the account was shut down again.

“By that evening we were completely suspended and we remained suspended for several days,” he said.

The suspension was finally lifted but only after the day of their planned protest had passed.

“We suspected that would happen,” Dodd said.

Neither Twitter or the NAACP responded to calls for comment.

“This is nothing new,” Dodd told Fox News. “It’s becoming popular with liberals and liberal organizations to report conservatives – a way to silence opposition.”

The administrator of the  Rocky Mountain Black Conservative Facebook page received a 30-day suspension several days ago. No reason was given.

And over the past several weeks a number of high profile conservative Facebook pages have either been shut down or threatened with suspension. An administrator for the Chicks on the Right Facebook page was briefly banned for criticizing the White House.

Pastor Broden said it’s a form of censorship.

“It negates our ability to communicate with our audience or to the general public about our positions,” he told Fox News.

Broden said social networking is especially important to black conservative groups because he said they typically get ignored by the national media.

“We are ignored not only by liberal media – but I’d say conservative media ignores us as well,” he said. “Our point of view, particularly as it relates to what’s going on in the black community is not being heard.”

They accuse the NAACP of failing to represent the best interests of the black community – especially their ties to Planned Parenthood – which the pastor accused of “targeting the black community” by trying to control the population through abortion.

“They have failed to protect the black family,” Broden said.

Broden said it’s time for conservative media to start covering the stories of conservative blacks.

“Until we get the kind of coverage and our voice is heard, we will always be seen by the media as a monolith,” he said. “And we are not a monolith. There are a number of us out there who have an alternative point of view.”

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