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America at a Crossroad

By Todd Starnes

(This is a transcript of Todd’s morning radio commentary — heard on more than 200 radio stations around the nation.)

Last night’s Super Bowl commercials were a mixed bag – far from family-friendly fare — from GoDaddy.com’s stomach-churning make-out session to the S&M M&M’s.

And then there was the half time show — Beyonce.

She was dressed in some sort of leather get-up that was part Victoria’s Secret, part Xena – Warrior Princess.

The only thing missing was a giant stripper pole.

But there were some poignant moments.

Connecticut school children, survivors of a massacre,

affirming our perseverance. God shed His grace on thee, they sang.

There was a moving tribute to soldiers on battlefields far away – now home again.

And we heard a voice from long ago – brought back to life.

So God made the farmer, he proclaimed.

Paul Harvey. The rest of the story.

Last night’s Super Bowl commercials painted a vivid picture of this nation’s great cultural divide.

One one side is debauchery and sleaze. On the other is duty and honor.

America at a crossroad.

I’m Todd Starnes

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