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ACLU Loses Ten Commandments Case

By Todd Starnes

Thou shall not remove the Ten Commandments.

That’s the declaration from a federal district court – dismissing a lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union against Dixie County, Fla. and ending a six-year legal battle.


The ACLU sued the county after they allowed a private citizen to erect a six-ton monument of the Ten Commandments atop the steps of the courthouse.Dixie County Ten Commandments monument

A 75-year-old North Carolina man, who happens to be an ACLU member, objected to the monument – which led to the lawsuit.

Liberty Counsel represented the county and challenged the ACLU’s standing to bring a suit on behalf of a member who lives hundreds of miles away from the monument.”

Senior District Judge Maurice Paul dismissed the case after the ACLU admitted that their client did not plan to buy property in Dixie County and therefore lacks standing to sue.

In addition to dismissing the case, the ACLU will be responsible for several thousand dollars in court costs.

“This was a great victory,” Liberty Counsel Founder Mathew Staver told Fox News. “What it says about the bully tactics by the ACLU is that if you resist them, you can win.”

“The usual way they win is my intimidation or default – when the government officials cave in under the threat of a lawsuit,” Staver said.

The county had a policy that allowed private citizens to put up different kinds of displays – including the religious monuments.

Harry Mihet, senior litigation counsel for Liberty Counsel, said the ACLU got caught with its hands in the “constitutional cookie jar.”

“It’s prolonged campaign against the good citizens of Dixie County has come to a screeching halt,” he said. “In getting kicked out of court, the ACLU has learned that it cannot impose its San Francisco values upon a small town in Florida – using a phantom member from North Carolina.

The ACLU did not return calls seeking comment.

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