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Abortion Doctor: We Induce Death

By Todd Starnes

An Arizona abortion doctor and counselor were caught on secret video telling a woman they would not provide medical assistance to a baby born as the result of a failed abortion.


“They do not resuscitate,” said a counselor at the Family Planning Associates Medical Group in Phoenix.

An abortion doctor said the “induce a demise – an intrauterine demise – um, death.”

The video was secretly filmed by a Live Action investigator who was 24-weeks pregnant. Arizona state law does not allow abortions beyond 24 weeks.

The video was part of a series of undercover stings exposing what they allege are illegal and inhuman practices at late-term abortion centers.

“This video is just the latest evidence of a disturbing and horrifying trend occurring inside America’s abortion industry,” said Lila Rose, of Live Action. “The horrors of the Kermit Gosnell trial are a widespread problem in this industry.”

Doctors at the clinic did not return calls seeking comment but a receptionist said the doctor mentioned in the video is not employed by the clinic.

At one point in the video, the abortion doctor advised the investigator against going to the emergency room in the event of labor.

“No, call us first,” the doctor said. “If you showed up in an average emergency room with an emergency room physicians who’s not a gynecologist, probably has never seen or done a termination, they will treat you as though you are somebody with a desire pregnancy.”

In other words – the emergency room workers might try to save the child.

“They would intervene and do all kinds of crazy things that you don’t need to have done to you,” the doctor replied.

The video is the third of six filmed by Live Action. Other investigations revealed a Washington, D.C. abortion doctor who would leave a baby born alive to die and a New York abortion counselor who described how they would place a newborn in a jar of toxic solution to ensure death.

Rose said the practices are “barbaric, inhuman and deeply disturbing.”

She is calling on local, state and federal officials to investigate the late term abortion clinics.

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