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ABC Censors Obama Communist Joke

By Todd Starnes

The ABC television network has removed jokes about President Obama and former President Clinton from an upcoming episode of “Last Man Standing,” according to the show’s star – Tim Allen.


Allen told The New York Post that the Disney-owned network yanked a number of political jokes from an episode that is scheduled to air just before the presidential election.

Allen’s character, a conservative, is trying to persuade his daughter to vote for Mitt Romney.

The ABC standards department ordered the show to remove one joke that had Allen’s character called Obama “a communist.”

TV Guide backed up that claim in a story written by Michael Schneider and reported by WND.com.

“Allen fought to keep that in – noting he finds it funny when conservatives paint the president with the label,” WND.com reported. “But it appears he lost that battle, as none of the references made the final cut.”

“I love communist jokes,” Allen told the Post. “The right sees everything as a communist.”

“We also had this line about the Clintons where I say, ‘They’re like shingles; just when you think they are gone, they pop back up,’” he added.

That line was deleted, too.

TV Guide reported there was a battle between executive producer Tim Doyle Allen and the network over some of the content.

ABC is the same network that approved a program originally called “Good Christian Bitches.” That show was cancelled at the end of its first season.

The decision to censor a joke about President Obama has drawn the attention of the Media Research Center.

“ABC won’t allow certain buttons to be touched,” wrote Tim Graham, director of media analysis at the MRC. “It’s almost funny that the censors would be so lax on sex and violence, but will clamp down like Bonnie Bluehair on Obama jokes. Is this their only Thou Shalt Not?”

The network did not return calls seeking comment on Allen’s claims.

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