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A Story of Devotion

Here’s a little treat for you – my midday commentary. I cover all sorts of stories in my radio pieces – here’s one that’s not about politics:

Tommy and Maria had the most unusual of relationships. She was Italian. He was German — homeless – no family to speak of.

And so – one day — when he showed up at Maria’s home – she took him in.

They became lifelong companions and every Sunday when the church bells rang, Tommy joined Maria at church — sitting side by side for as long as anyone could remember.

Maria died a few months ago and Tommy found himself once again homeless.

Folks around town would give him food but he pretty much kept to himself — until Sunday mornings roll around.

And when the church bells ring, Tommy shows up – walking to the same spot where he and Maria once sat.

The priest says Tommy never causes a scene — says nary a word. He just sits there — quietly.

It’s made all the more remarkable because Tommy is a German Shepherd — waiting faithfully for his long lost friend.

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