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Romney T-Shirt Girl Goes Back to School

MYFOXPHILLY – A rally was held Tuesday morning outside Charles Carroll High School in Port Richmond in support of a student over her right to wear a political T-shirt.


Samantha Pawlucy is the high school student who was told by a teacher last month to take off her Mitt Romney-Paul Ryan T-shirt or leave class.

FOX 29’s Steve Keeley was at the school when Samantha arrived Tuesday morning. It was an emotional moment when the crowd surrounded Samantha and started to sing the National Anthem.

The teen was visibly moved as she listened and took it all in.

Pennsylvania House candidate Dave Kralle organized the rally to show support for Pawlucy.

The crowd was made up of a plethora of people. Veterans were a strong presence.

Keeley spoke to a few of the rally participants, including one man who, even though he was a Democrat, said he was there to support the First Amendment.

The school district has stated that it is working to solve the issue.

In a statement, School District of Philadelphia Superintendent William Hite said he will join Mayor Michael Nutter and others to work directly with the high school to help them move forward.

Hite’s statement says they stand by Samantha, her teacher Lynette Gaymon and all others who have become targets of hatred.

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