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Nelson’s Banana Pudding

By Michelle Cox

Todd posted about banana pudding recently so I thought it might be a good time to post a recipe for a delicious and easy version. Ronie Kendig is a dear friend and one of my top- 10 favorite authors. Todd and I taught at a conference recently with her, and while we were hanging out, the topic turned to food. Ronie told us about her family’s favorite banana pudding and she was kind enough to send me the recipe to share with all of you.

Ronie’s military-based action books are amazing and you will love her characters. I just finished her new book, Talon, and I couldn’t put it down. (And by the way, she hasn’t paid me a dime to say any of that!) Learn more about her and her books at http://www.roniekendig.com/.

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2 large boxes instant vanilla puddingPudding

5 cups milk

8 oz. sour cream

12 oz. frozen whipped topping (Ronie used Cool Whip.)

6-8 bananas (medium)

Vanilla wafers

Mix the pudding and milk for 4 minutes (on low speed) with an electric mixer. Add the sour cream and the whipped topping; combine until the pudding is thick but not firm. This will take about 2-3 minutes on low speed.

In a large bowl, layer the vanilla wafers, sliced bananas, and the pudding mixture. Repeat this several times. Enjoy!