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100,000+ Join Conservative-Alternative to Facebook

By Todd Starnes

More than 100,000 people have joined a social networking site designed for conservatives who said they were tired of censorship and liberal bullying on Facebook.


The Tea Party Community launched nine days ago — and since then has experienced tremendous growth, founder Tim Selaty, Sr., told Fox News.

“I suppose that a lot of conservatives were looking for a new home,” he said. “(Conservatives) are flocking from Facebook in droves.”

Facebook did not return emails seeking comment.

Selaty created the Tea Party Community as a “safe haven for the conservative movement – where we can share ideas and thoughts and express ourselves without fear of retribution.”

“They have come to the Tea Party community to be in a relaxed and protected environment where they are not censored for having a different opinion or stance when it comes to their conservative beliefs,” Selaty said.

Hundreds of conservative Facebook users contacted Fox News about complaints that the social networking site had either removed conservative content or blocked them from posting conservative content.

Amy Jo Clark and Miriam Weaver were among those who received threats from Facebook after they criticized the White House in a posting on their “Chicks on the Right” fan page.

“We’ve been hearing non-stop, email after email, tweet after tweet, of other folks who are facing the same issues,” Weaver told Fox News. “There’s a very active liberal trolling community whose sole purpose is to get themselves busy reporting conservative pages and trying to cause trouble.”

Those same trolls tried to disrupt the Tea Party Community.

Selaty said they were hit by a DOS attack on launch day that shut down the social networking site.

A website, Something Awful, tried to infiltrate the site and began sending offensive messages to members.

“They tried to be as disruptive as possible,” he said. “At the end of the day, we’ve got a pretty good handle on it. Their infiltration is becoming less and less.”

He said it’s unfortunate that some liberal groups want to silence conservatives.

“That’s why they are leaving Facebook,” he said. “Conservatives are tired of the censorship. They are tired of not being able to have the same level of free speech that the left has.”

“When you have a Facebook page that says ‘Kill Sarah Palin’ and it sits there for months on end and then you have a conservative page that puts out a pro-life message – and they get blocked or warned – that’s a concern for us,” he told Fox News.

Selaty said they have been pleased with the numbers and expect even more to join their community – and one day he expects to rival Facebook.

“We’re definitely enthralled that so many people have come over here,” he said. “A lot of great people with a lot of great ideas.”

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