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The Rebellion Begins

This commentary is brought to you by Persecuted. In theaters July 18th.

By Todd Starnes

When push came to shove — the people of Murrieta, California pushed back

refusing to allow the federal government to relocate dozens of illegal aliens in their town.

More than a hundred residents formed a blockade – forcing three bus loads of illegals to turn around.

The protests came one day after the town’s mayor urged locals to protest the government’s decision to drop off illegals in their community.

Mayor Alan Long tells the Los Angeles Times he expects the feds to enforce the law – and deport the illegals.

And get this – no one from Homeland Security bothered to pick up the phone and tell the mayor

that bus loads of illegals were on the way.

Our elected officials in Washington — Democrats and Republicans — better pay close attention

If our federal government won’t defend our borders – the American people will.

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