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Phil Robertson Has America’s Back

By Todd Starnes 

We are at war with radical Islam and the only person who doesn’t seem to grasp this concept is President Obama.

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Two Americans are dead. Beheaded by the Islamic State.

President Obama addressed the brutality in Estonia today saying the Islamic State must be destroyed. But a few minutes later he walked back those comments saying instead  he wanted to manage the ISIS threat.

How about avenging our dead, Mr. President? Listen to what Phil Robertson said last night on Fox News Channel:

“I would rather preach the Gospel of Jesus to them. However, if it’s a gunfight and a gunfight alone  if that’s what they’re looking for  me personally I’m prepared for either one.”

That’s how you respond to Islamic radicals.You grab a gun. You stand your ground and blow those evil sons-of-guns to kingdom come.

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