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Obama Avoids Border Like the Plague

This commentary is brought to you by Persecuted. In theaters July 18th.

By Todd Starnes

President Obama still refuses to visit the border – telling reporters he’s not interested in political theatre photo ops.  That line had eyes rolling across the fruited plain seeing how the president has a special affinity for flashing his pearly whites.

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Just this week alone the president has been photographed shooting pool, eating pizza, drinking beer and shaking hands with a half-man, half-horse centaur.

Besides, the President told the nation — there’s no need for him to see the humanitarian crisis in person – when he’s got underlings to do that for him.

Nevertheless, our Selfie-in-Chief, assured us that he intends to secure the border and he also reminded us that we have an obligation to help young children trying to escape the violence in their homeland.

If that’s the case – when is President Obama going to help the children of war-torn Chicago?

Which border should they be running to?

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