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Let’s Talk Tomatoes!

By Todd Starnes

I grew up in north Mississippi so I  know about three things, cat fish, sweet tea, and homegrown tomatoes.

Let’s be honest there’s a big difference  between a tomato you buy in the supermarket and one you pluck from the vine in the backyard but now there’s scientific evidence to prove that’s true!

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Researchers in the journal of Science say home grown tomatoes are sweeter because of a genetic switch that triggers sugar production. Grocery store tomatoes don’t have that switch that’s why they don’t taste as sweet and they don’t taste as good.

Now I’m not sure about your family. But a great summertime treat for the Starnes family is a tomato sandwich!

You have got to try this, first you bake up a fresh batch of buttermilk biscuits, slice up a creole tomato, slather on some mayo, a little salt and pepper and sweet mercy! I don’t care if you say “tomato” or “tomatoe” that’s some good eating!

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