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 Keeping the peace

By Todd Starnes 

A federal appeals court ruling seems to imply that Muslims have more rights than Christians.

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The ruling stems from a case involving the Dearborn Police Department.

In 2012 they threatened to ticket Christian evangelists unless they left an Arab-American street festival. The festival was held on public streets.

The Christians were pelted with rocks and water bottles after they denounced Islam and called Muhammad a false prophet. Instead of arresting the Muslims. throwing rocks the police threatened to ticket the Christians.

The court says the police were trying to maintain order  not regulate public speech. The lone dissenting judge in the case sided with the Christians.

That judge said instead of stifling free speech the police should’ve tried to control the lawlessness. Dearborn has a history of cracking down on Christian evangelists.

In one case the city was forced to pay 300 thousand dollars and apologize after arresting a group of Christian missionaries.

Maybe they should just rename the city – Dearborn-istan.

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