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Jihadist Worked at Minneapolis Airport

By Todd Starnes 

A member of the Islamic State had top security clearance at the airport in Minneapolis.

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The man is identified as Abdifatah Ahmed according to an exclusive report by Fox television station KMSP.

They say he had full access to the tarmac and airplanes for ten years. Mr. Ahmed left Minneapolis to fight with ISIS  and was recently killed in battle.

Just a little something to chew on the next time TSA wants to manhandle your grandmother. What I’m about to say is politically incorrect but it needs to be said.

Christians are not blowing up jetliners. They are not beheading journalists. Neither are Jews, Hindus or Buddhists. There is one specific demographic that’s committing jihad in the name of their God.

And it’s time for our elected leaders to consider the possibility that some of those who ascribe to the religion of peace may not be all that peaceful.

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