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HHS: Reporters Can’t Ask Questions

This commentary is brought to you by Persecuted. In theaters July 18th.

By Todd Starnes

The Obama Administration refuses to tell the American people what’s really happening inside those camps housing illegal immigrant children.

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They’ve threatened to arrest workers who divulge any information.They’ve even refused entry to members of Congress. But late yesterday – word came down that the Department of Health and Human Services would allow members of the media to tour one of the camps.

However – there were a few restrictions, reporters could not bring recording devices. They would not be allowed to ask any questions and they would not be allowed to speak with any staff members or children.

Folks – this is what we call an old-fashioned dog and pony show. One lawmaker blasted the administration’s gag order calling it a violation of the First Amendment.

You would think a president who once taught constitutional law would know better.

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