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Happy Labor Day

By Todd Starnes 

Happy Labor Day folks!

Hope you got to sleep in today. Dads across the fruited plain are getting ready to fire up the barbecues.

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Grilling sausages in Wausau, Wisconsin and Burgers in Wichita.

There’s a pretty good chance somebody is smoking a pork butt in Memphis

and frying up some chicken in Gainesville Georgia. Lots of you folks are on the road this weekend, too. Triple A says about 86 percent of Americans are getting to where they’re going in the family car this Labor Day.

Only about seven percent flying the friendly skies. Let’s face it – who wants to get felt up by the TSA on your day off?

Today is about sitting on the front porch, rocking in a rocking chair and sipping on some sweet tea. Taking in those last few precious moments of summertime.

So from the Starnes family here’s hoping you and your family have a labor-less Labor Day.

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