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A Government Sanctioned Invasion

This commentary is brought to you by Persecuted. In theaters July 18th.

By Todd Starnes

There is a new threat facing refugee camps in Texas — tuberculosis. Sources tell me at least three cases have been confirmed – and there may be many — many more.

If you believe the Department of Health and Human Services – there IS no problem. The refugee centers are just fun-filled summer camps where the only health problems are the sniffles.

But nurses and care givers tell me a very different story – and if their version is accurate – our nation is in serious danger.

Meanwhile, the federal government continues to move the illegals into cities like Grand Prairie, Texas. Funny thing though – nobody bothered to tell the mayor they’d be having guests for dinner.

That’s the way the Obama Administration operates – in total secrecy.

And that’s why what’s happening at our border is beginning to look like a government-sanctioned invasion.


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