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This Election is About Restoring American Exceptionalism

By Todd Starnes

The listeners of this commentary are among some of the most intelligent in the country.

So it’s not my business to tell you who to vote for today.

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But I do want to tell you what this election is about.

It’s about the hundreds of Indiana workers who just learned their jobs are heading to Mexico.

It’s about the Disney employees who were fired – and then forced to train their foreign replacements.

It’s about a systematic invasion of our nation by illegal aliens.

It’s about Kate Steinle — and all the other Americans murdered by the invaders.

It’s about a war on religious liberty – and our right to bear arms.

It’s about a people who’ve been told by their government that we are no longer an exceptional nation.

The American people are fed up. And today we’re serving notice on both parties – we are beholden to no man — Republican or Democrat.