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By Todd Starnes

Donald Trump is down in Dixie today.

He’s giving a speech in Mobile, Alabama – home of the world famous New Year’s Eve Moon Pie Drop.

More than 42,000 are expected to turn out — a crowd so big they had to move the whole thing to a football stadium.


Now that’s not too bad for a guy written off by the political pundits and the Mainstream Media and fellow candidates like Jeb Bush.

Mr. Trump is filling up football stadiums while Jeb! can barely fill up the banquet hall down at the Best Western.

Jeb!, meanwhile, has been casting dispersions on Mr. Trump’s political character.

“He’s been a Democrat longer than a Republican,” Jeb! said in remarks covered by The New York Times.

“I cut taxes every year; he’s proposed the largest tax increase in mankind’s history, not just our own country’s history,” he said. “I have been consistently pro-life; he until recently was for partial-birth abortion.”

And on and on and on he went – all but accusing Mr. Trump of being to the left of President Obama.

“There’s a big difference between Donald Trump and me,” he told reporters the other day. “I’m a proven conservative with a record. He isn’t.”

Since everybody seems to be fact-checking these days, let me make this one observation: Mr. Trump is the front-runner – and Jeb! isn’t.

Let’s just assume that Jeb! is telling us the truth — that Mr. Trump is not really a Conservative — that he’s a liberal wearing Pat Nixon’s cloth coat.

If that’s true — how sad is it that Mr. Trump is better playing a make believe Conservative than someone who professes to actually be a conservative?

Maybe Jeb! should replace his exclamation mark with a sad-faced emoji.

The other day a conservative commentator said Mr. Trump was ruining the GOP. Folks, the only thing responsible for ruining the Republican Party — is the Republican Party.

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