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The Reviews are Coming In!

Tood’s book, “Dispatches from Bitter America” is available now, and we can’t stop the rave reviews from coming in!

“Dispatches from Bitter America,” is already listed number one on Amazon’s Hot New Release List and ranked number three on Kindle!

Amazon Customer Reviews:

“Todd Starnes tackles timely issues with a good dose of humor in his well-sourced book that proves the culture war is far more serious than most of us know — or admit.”

“Every once in a while a songwriter, poet, scriptwriter or author pens something that gives voice to what I was thinking and feeling but couldn’t quite put into words. TODD STARNES is that writer and this book is the voice…”

“With a little tongue in cheek, a little bite your tongue, a little imagination, a little agitation, a little make believe, and a little “you can’t make this stuff up,” author Todd Starnes leaves no sacred cows off the table (metaphorically speaking of course)…”

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More Reviews:

“‘Dispatches from Bitter America’ really drives home the point of how political correctness can be misused by as little as one person to force their agenda on the masses.”- C.W. Ross, Blogger
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“Buy this book. Read it carefully. You will laugh, cry, be outraged and emboldened to take a stand for America – but you will not be bitter. Better, yes, but not bitter.” -Pastor Baldwin

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“He raises some great points in the book and is both serious and hilariously funny…I found myself laughing out loud at points, and incensed at others while reading of the attacks on our freedoms.”- Thoughts of a Sojourner, Blogger and Christian Fiction Reviewer

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