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By Todd Starnes

Your friendly neighborhood columnist has once again run afoul of Facebook’s elusive community standards. This time I was censored for writing something about Rancher Cliven Bundy.

I realized I had landed in the Facebook gulag when I tried to post our daily Bible verse.  However, I was unable to post anything because Facebook had taken great offense to something I had written.


“We removed something your page posted,” Facebook told me in a rather unpleasant message. “We removed the post below because it doesn’t follow the Facebook Community Standards.”

Now before you call up the preacher and put me on the church prayer list – let me assure the posting was neither unseemly nor ungentlemanly. facebook3

Nevertheless, it caused great consternation and angst among Facebook’s left-wing censors. Following is the egregious text:

“Rancher Bundy should’ve told the feds that those were Mexican cows – who came across the border illegally to seek better grazing opportunities. It was an act of love.”

Thousands of you posted comments and many more shared that message. It’s now gone — blotted out by anonymous redactors.

I reached out to Facebook to find out which part of the message violated their standards. Never heard back. I suspect I should’ve used the term “illegal alien cows.”

It’s not the first time my postings have been bleeped by the Facebook Purge Police. Heck, I’m a serial offender. I’ve been banished, blocked and censored for writing about Chick-fil-A, God, the Bible, Paula Deen, Cracker Barrel rocking chairs, sweet tea, Jesus, the Gaither Vocal Band, the Gideons, the National Rifle Association and June Bugs.

Facebook never told me what was more offensive – the plump juicy chicken breasts or the June Bugs.

For the record, Facebook has the right to censor — it’s their company. And while they may censor conservative and Christian postings, Facebook is quite welcoming and affirming to leftwing diatribes against Republicans, religion and the Tea Party. I just wish the folks at Facebook were a bit more tolerant — and diverse.

So, there you have it, kind readers. Your friendly neighborhood columnist has become that neighbor – the one who mows his grass at midnight, the one who has a Buick up on blocks in the driveway — the rabble-rouser.

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By Todd Starnes

President Obama issued a statement marking the one year anniversary of the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. But instead of calling it a terrorist attack, he called it a “tragedy.”

The president’s message to the nation did not include any reference to terrorism or Islamic extremism. Instead, he called the attack that left four dead and 260 injured a “tragedy” and an “unspeakable tragedy.”

Here’s President Obama’s statement:

“A year ago, tragedy struck at the 117th Boston Marathon. Four innocent people were killed that week, and hundreds more were wounded. Today, we remember Krystle Campbell, Lingzi Lu, Martin Richard, and Sean Collier. And we send our thoughts and prayers to those still struggling to recover.

We also know that the most vivid images from that day were not of smoke and chaos, but of compassion, kindness and strength: A man in a cowboy hat helping a wounded stranger out of harm’s way; runners embracing loved ones, and each other; an EMT carrying a spectator to safety. Today, we recognize the incredible courage and leadership of so many Bostonians in the wake of unspeakable tragedy. And we offer our deepest gratitude to the courageous firefighters, police officers, medical professionals, runners and spectators who, in an instant, displayed the spirit Boston was built on – perseverance, freedom and love.

One year later, we also stand in awe of the men and women who continue to inspire us – learning to stand, walk, dance and run again. With each new step our country is moved by the resilience of a community and a city. And when the sun rises over Boylston Street next Monday – Patriot’s Day – hundreds of thousands will come together to show the world the meaning of Boston Strong as a city chooses to run again.”

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By Todd Starnes

President Obama paid tribute to the 50th  anniversary of the Civil Rights Act today. He delivered a speech at the LBJ Library in Texas.


It was quite remarkable watching the man who was supposed to usher in the post-racial presidency speak in such fond terms about a man who spewed words so racially charged it would make Lil’ Wayne blush.

The fact of the matter is – we are a racially divided nation.

If you believe the stuff the Democrats and MSNBC are spewing — conservatives  hate black people and wants to bring back slavery.

The Obama Administration is not so much defined by MLK’s” I Have A Dream” speech as it is the president’s “If I Had a Son” speech. And who can forget the infamous “Acting Stupidly Beer Summit”?

The fact of the matter is – this White House never met a race card they didn’t play.

These days  – you can’t even dream of a white Christmas without somebody accusing you of being a Jim Crow racist.


By Todd Starnes

It’s almost Easter, but an incident that occurred just before Valentine’s Day crossed by desk — and it’s got me fired up.

A little boy cried after a Nazareth, Penn. teacher confiscated his Valentine’s Day cards because they contained religious messages and a Bible verse about Jesus, a lawsuit filed this week in federal court alleges.


Imagine that. Jesus was not welcome in Nazareth. You can’t make this stuff up, folks – as documented in my upcoming new book, “God Less America.”

Alliance Defending Freedom filed a federal lawsuit against the Nazareth Area School District on behalf of Donald and Ellen Abramo and their son. They claim a teacher and the principal at Floyd R. Shafer Elementary School violated their son’s constitutional rights.

They allege that the little boy was prohibited from distributing St. Valentine’s Day cards to his classmates because the cards contained a sentence about the religious history of the holiday along with the Bible verse, John 3:16.

“To single out a faith-based message for censorship is exactly the type of hostility to religion that the First Amendment forbids,” ADF attorney Jeremy Tedesco said.

The school district did not return numerous calls seeking comment. A spokesman also declined to comment to the local newspaper.

The Alliance Defending Freedom lawsuit is jaw-dropping. The school was apparently so hostile to religion that the Abramo’s son was scared to pray over his meals because “he is afraid of getting in trouble.”

In early February, Abramo received a letter from her son’s teacher with instructions about the distribution of “Friendship Day” cards (also known as Valentine’s Day). It seems that Floyd R. Shafer is one of those “politically correct” public schools.

The note also instructed parents to avoid attaching candy the cards.

“Please remember not to attach anything other than non-edible treats or approved snack items to the Valentines,” the instructions read. See? It really is one of those “politically correct” public schools.

So instead of candy, the first-grader and his older siblings decided to include a message about the history of St. Valentine.

“St. Valentine was imprisoned and martyred for presiding over marriages and for spreading the news of God’s love,” the message read. “In honor of St. Valentine’s Day, I want you to know that God loves you!!!”

The card also included a Bible verse, John 3:16.

When the day came to distribute the cards, the boy’s teacher “became concerned about the religious message,” the lawsuit states.

The teacher immediately delivered the cards to the principal – identified in the lawsuit as William Mudlock.

“Principal Mudlock reviewed the cards and determined that, because of their religious nature (the boy) would not be allowed to distribute them,” the lawsuit states.

The principal then directed that the religious messages be removed from the cards and the cards were then placed in a bin. He believed the child was guilty of “proselytizing” his religious faith.

Boys and girls were able to distribute cards that included images of a skull and toy guns – but the card that included a message about Jesus was deemed to be offensive.

Later that afternoon Mrs. Abramo called the school searching for answers. The principal reiterated that the cards could not be distributed because of their religious nature. He said the cards might be “offensive” to someone, the lawsuit states.

He also claimed the school was prohibited from giving students any religious materials. Well, that’s rich because the school wasn’t passing out the cards – the little boy was.

In spite of her pleas, the school refused to back down – leading the little boy to break down in tears.

“He was very sad,” attorney Tedesco told me. “It’s a terrible message to send to kids. There were cards with guns and skeletons, yet his religious beliefs are taboo?”

The Abramos, who are Catholic, were not quite ready to let the incident slide by. So they contacted the school superintendent (the same one who won’t return my telephone calls). He didn’t return their calls either.

Instead, the school district’s attorney replied – a guy by the name of Gary Brienza. All I can say is — brace yourself for what he said.

“Mr. Brienza proceeded to tell the Abramos that under the U.S. Constitution there is both a ‘freedom of religion’ and a ‘freedom from religion,’” the lawsuit states.

“He claimed that the Constitution prohibits a person from imposing their religious beliefs on someone else; therefore, the school district can restrict a student from distributing religious materials,” the lawsuit further states.

I’m not sure what law school Brienza attended, but it might be a good idea for somebody to subpoena his Constitutional Law class grades.

I’m not sure if we’re dealing with a bunch of ignorant educators or a bunch of anti-Christian bigots. Neither bodes well for people of faith in the town of Nazareth.

It really takes a special kind of stupid to get worked up over a Valentine’s Day card. Pardon me, I meant to say Friendship Day card.

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By Todd Starnes

Muslim moms and dads in Dearborn, Mich. are upset after students received flyers promoting an Easter Egg hunt at a local Presbyterian church. The parents say the egg hunt violates the U.S. Constitution.

The Muslims told the Detroit Free-Press that they were concerned about the religious implications of Cherry Hill Presbyterian Church’s “Eggstravaganza!” They were also troubled by images of a bunny rabbit.


“It really bothered my two kids,” parent Majed Moughni, told the newspaper. “My son was like, ‘Dad, I really don’t feel comfortable getting these flyers, telling me to go to church. I thought churches are not supposed to mix with schools.’ ”

The school district did not comment and the pastor of the church said there’s nothing remotely religious about the event.

“Part of our ministry in Dearborn is to invite the community to let them know we’re here,” Pastor Neeta Nichols told the newspaper. “We’re offering various kinds of programming, fun opportunities, so what we can be engaged with the community.”

Fear not, peeps. I not a theologian, but I’m fairly certain Peter Cottontail was not at The Last Supper.

Read the Detroit Free-Press story by clicking here.



By Todd Starnes

Every now and then the White House slips up and unintentionally reveals their true nature.

Remember Pajama Boy?

The Obama Administration used a man-child sipping cocoa in a flannel onesie to promote the Affordable Care Act.

The young man was meant to represent a generation able-bodied American young people currently residing in their parent’s basements.

As if slumming in your parent’s basement isn’t bad enough — the Missouri chapter of the president’s Organizing for Action took it a step further.

“Not covered?” they tweeted. “Got a sugar daddy/momma to pay for those medical bills?”

Sugar Daddy? Sugar Momma?

This is the problem with America, folks. We’ve got a generation of young people driving out in Chevy Cobalts, wearing footed pajamas, nibbling on teething cookies thinking they’re entitled to our hard-earned money.

We’ve gone from the Greatest Generation to the Sugar Daddy Generation.

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By Todd Starnes

There seems to be  indisputable proof that the Obama Administration is destabilizing the nation by allowing hordes of dangerous illegal aliens to invade the country.


A Center for Immigration Studies report found more than 68,000 illegals with criminal records were caught and released back into the general population.

FoxNews.com has an indepth examination of the CIS report and what they discovered is eyeball popping.

Tens of thousands of illegals with criminal convictions were let go because of the Obama administration’s “prosecutorial discretion” policies. Since those policies were implemented in 2011, arrests by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have dropped by 40 percent.

ICE agents were forced to release 67,879 criminal illegals, FoxNews.com reported. CIS called it a “large scale abuse of authority.”

“The Obama administration’s deliberate obstruction of immigration enforcement, in which tens of thousands of criminal aliens are released instead of removed, is threatening the well-being of American communities,” study author Jessica Vaughn said in a statement.

Even more disturbing is the criminal nature of these predators who were unleashed on our neighborhoods and communities. We’re not talking about jaywalkers or traffic violations. The report indicates these are individuals who have felony records.

The highest rates of criminal releases occurred in San Antonio, New York City, Washington, D.C. and Newark, N.J.

If you live in one of those cities, you should be prepared to take whatever measures necessary to protect your family and your home.

Sen. Jeff Sessions, the Republican from Alabama, is one of the few lawmakers willing to tell it like it is on this matter of grave importance.

“The Administration’s lawless policies have not only impaired public safety but increased economic suffering for millions of vulnerable Americans by depriving them of their jobs and wages,” Sessions said in a statement. “Unfortunately, Congressional Democrats continue to empower this lawlessness. Republicans must work to end it.”

This is not a time to be politically correct so here’s the cold hard reality -  the United States is being invaded. And the Obama administration has been complicit in the invasion. Instead of repelling the invasion, the Obama administration is welcoming the invaders with open arms and providing them food stamps, driver’s licenses and health insurance.

Now we know how the Ukrainians feel.

It’s beyond frightening to imagine that our own government as unleashed this kind of evil on our streets. And heaven forbid, these illegals harm our wives and children. Should that happen, their blood is on the Obama Administration’s hands.

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Editors note: Marcos Perez is employed by Charisma House – which is publishing Todd Starnes’ next book.

By Todd Starnes

A Florida school district is giving teachers a refresher course on religious liberty after the parents of a five-year-old kindergarten student said a teacher told their daughter that she was not allowed to pray before eating her lunch time meal.


Marcos Perez, of Oviedo, Fla., said the incident occurred earlier this month in the lunch room at Carillon Elementary School.

He said his daughter  was sitting at a table about to eat when she bowed her head and began to pray.

“A teacher saw her and told her, ‘you’re not allowed to do that,’” he said.

Perez said his little girl replied, “But it’s good to pray.” The teacher alleged replied, “It’s not good.”

He said his daughter tried to pray once more but was admonished by the teacher. The child was not formally punished, he said.

“She’s a really good girl and if there are rules, she follows them,” he said. “She knows the biblical values we are raising her with. She was really conflicted but she wanted to submit to the authority.”

Perez said he and his wife were so upset over the incident they sat down with a video camera and had their daughter recount what happened. They posted the video to YouTube. And they also tried to reassure their daughter that she had done nothing wrong.

“We tried to reaffirm to her and let her know that according to our own family values and according to the biblical values we are raising our children in that she did nothing wrong,” Perez said.

He fired off a letter to the principal.

“My 5-year old should not feel conflicted about prayer with respect to trying to follow rules or authority,” he wrote. “We remain speechless that our daughter had to experience from an individual with an agenda.”

The principal responded to Perez’s concerns in an email. She said she had spoken to the adults in the lunchroom and that none of them recalled having a conversation with his daughter.

“Please know that students are permitted to pray during school,” the principal wrote. “I will remind all staff members of this.”

Seminole County Public Schools spokesman Michael Lawrence told me there is no policy banning lunch room prayers.

“Students are permitted to pray before their meal,” he said, while pointing out that students cannot cause a disruption with their prayer.

He said they’ve been unable to independently verify the incident happened. But if it did – he said it was more than likely a case of miscommunication.

The Perez family said they are now going to home school their daughter.

“This definitely pushed us over,” he said. “We’ve long had concerns about Common Core and issues and agendas we see in the culture war.”

It’s disappointing, he said, because they bought a house in that area of Florida because of the academic reputation of Seminole County.

“We are very upset about this,” he said.

“Amazing America with Sarah Palin” premieres on April 3 and she’s just released the new theme song for the show. Madison Rising recorded the tune – and it’s pretty amazing. Watch the video below – and be sure to catch Sarah’s news show on the Sportsman Channel, April 3 at 8 p.m. eastern.

By Todd Starnes

Should Christian-owned companies be forced by the federal government to violate their religious beliefs?


That’s the question facing Supreme Court justices as they hear arguments on whether Hobby Lobby and Conestoga Wood Specialties must provide insurance coverage for abortion inducing drugs.

It’s also the question I posed to Rick Warren – the pastor of Saddleback Church in California.

“This is going to be a landmark case,” Pastor Warren told me. “If it goes the wrong way, it’ll put a chill on a freedom that we’ve had since America was founded.”

Lawyers for the family-owned companies believe Americans don’t lose their religious rights when they go into business.
But the Obama administration disagrees. They say individual business owners have religious rights, but their companies do not.

“Whatever happened to live and let live?” Warren wondered. “”It’s just not there anymore. They not only want acceptance, they want approval and they want to force you to say what they’re doing is okay.”

The New York Times editorial board said people like Pastor Warren are “crying wolf on religious liberty.”

“These companies are not religious organizations, nor are they affiliated with religious organizations,” the newspaper wrote. “But the owners say they are victims of an assault on religious liberty because they personally disapprove of certain contraceptives.

They are wrong, and the Supreme Court’s task is to issue a decisive ruling saying so. The real threat to religious liberty comes from the owners trying to impose their religious beliefs on thousands of employees.”

In recent days the Obama administration has parsed words – arguing that Americans have the freedom of “worship.”

“The constitution doesn’t guarantee freedom of worship,” Warren told me. “It guarantees freedom of religion.”

If all the constitution guaranteed was for freedom of worship, then the only thing protected is your one hour a week in your synagogue, mosque, church.”

Cardinal Raymond Burke, the Vatican’s chief justice, said Obama “promotes anti-life and anti-family policies.”

“It is true that the policies of the president of the United States have become progressively more hostile toward Christian civilization. He appears to be a totally secularized man who aggressively promotes anti-life and anti-family policies,” Burke told the Polonia Christiana magazine.

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