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If you work in the IT industry – you might want to pay close attention to what i’m about to say — you could be replaced by a foreign worker.

The Economic Policy Institute says the federal government is admitting more foreign IT workers than there are jobs to fill.

And that could be bad news for American workers.

A Southern California Edison IT professional learned that lesson the hard way.

A loyal employee for more than 20 years — and she was replaced by a foreign worker.

Breitbart News reports — in the ultimate act of humiliation – Southern California Edison made her train the foreigner who took her job.

The H-1B visa program needs to be reformed – so says Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions.

After this commentary is broadcast – you need to pick up the phone and call your representative in Congress.

Find out if they support the American working man — or cheap foreign labor.

And then urge vote accordingly.

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By Todd Starnes

UPDATE: The Air Force has now reversed its ban on the words “Have a Blessed Day.” Here’s the full statement I just received from Robins AFB:

“We are a professional organization defended by a professional force. Our defenders portray a professional image that represents a base all of Middle Georgia can be proud of.  Defenders have been asked to use the standard phrase “Welcome to Team Robins” in their greeting and can add various follow-on greetings as long as they remain courteous and professional.

The Air Force takes any expressed concern over religious freedom very seriously. Upon further review and consultation, the Air Force determined use of the phrase “have a blessed day” as a greeting is consistent with Air Force standards and is not in violation of Air Force Instructions.”


Military personnel at Robins Air Force Base in Georgia will no longer be able to greet people at security gates with the phrase, “have a blessed day,” according to a base spokesman.

Oh, for Heaven’s sake!


“Someone took offense at the statement,” said spokesman Roland Leach. “As a professional courtesy we had it changed to ‘have a great day.’”

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation took credit for the ban. The MRFF is a group of perpetually-offended trouble makers who love to target Christians.

They issued a press release claiming 13 of their cohorts were “outraged” at being told to have a blessed day when they entered the base gates.

“On no less than 15 occasions over the last two weeks, I have been greeted by the military personnel at the gate with the phrase ‘have a blessed day,’” one of Weinstein’s overly-sensitive groupies claimed.

According to the MRFF, the airman is “non-religious.” Hence — the gross offense.

“I found the greeting to be a notion that I, as a non-religious member of the military community should believe a high rower has an influence on how my day should go,” he whimpered.

Dr. Phil would have a field day with this fainthearted fellow.

The airman mentioned in his diatribe that he could not record the actual greeting because it would be “endangering my position and family by doing so.”

Once Weinstein called the Air Force base it took three minutes and 10 seconds for the military to ban the phrase. For whatever the reason, the Air Force is terrified of Weinstein and his minions. I’ve lost count of the number of times they’ve done his bidding and marginalized Christianity within the ranks.

There are roughly 22,000 civilian and military personnel on the base. Only 13 complained. It appears the “non-religious” dude is not the only “sensitive” person on the Air Force base.

In the spirit of goodwill, I asked the base spokesman if I could wish him a blessed day.

“I would not be offended by that,” he replied.

So I did. And that was that.

Have a blessed day, America.

By Todd Starnes

Whether they admit it or not – the protesters in Ferguson, Missouri got what they wanted last night.

Two police officers were shot – as they tried to keep the peace.


St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said what many of us already knew — the men were shot because they were police officers.

They have become the latest casualties in a government-sanctioned war on law enforcement.

As of the writing of this commentary, there has been no official word from President Obama or Race Agitator Al Sharpton. I suspect, though, if the White House does weigh in – they will find some way to turn this around on law enforcement.

At some point – you have to wonder when the police are going to throw up their hands and tell the good people of Ferguson to patrol their own streets.

For months rampaging mobs have terrorized Ferguson. They have pillaged and plundered and burned businesses. They have hurled bottles and rocks at police officers. And they have been egged on by professional race agitators perpetrating the “Hands up, don’t shoot” lie.

The rule of law has been replaced by the rule of mob.

And I can’t help but wonder how many more police officers must be sacrificed to quench the blood lust of these government-sanctioned mobs?



Holder Statement:

“This heinous assault on two brave law enforcement officers was inexcusable and repugnant.  I condemn violence against any public safety officials in the strongest terms, and the Department of Justice will never accept any threats or violence directed at those who serve and protect our communities—from this cowardly action, to the killing of an officer in Philadelphia last week while he was buying a game for his son, to the tragic loss of a Deputy U.S. Marshal in the line of duty in Louisiana earlier this week.  Such senseless acts of violence threaten the very reforms that nonviolent protesters in Ferguson and around the country have been working towards for the past several months.  We wish these injured officers a full and speedy recovery.  We stand ready to offer any possible aid to an investigation into this incident, including the department’s full range of investigative resources.  And we will continue to stand unequivocally against all acts of violence against cops whenever and wherever they occur.”

By Todd Starnes

Nothing says America quite like smoking a pork butt and flying Old Glory.

“The sport of professional barbecue is extremely American and family oriented,” said pitmaster Jeff Petkevicius. 

So you can imagine Jeff’s extreme displeasure when organizers of an Alabama barbecue competition ordered him – along with other competitors to take down the American flags hanging from their barbecue trailers.


It happened Feb. 27th at the Sam’s Club National BBQ Competition in Daphne, Ala., sponsored by the Kansas City Barbecue Society. 

Jeff is the founder of “Give it to God” competition barbecue- a professional barbecue team that smokes meat and shares the love of Jesus. Both are noble missions.

Last Friday Jeff rolled into town with his barbecue trailer and promptly hoisted Old Glory. Not too long after, one of the organizers of the event told Jeff to take down the flag.

“There were six or eight of us that had flags flying,” he told me. “He went to each camp and told them to take the flag down and everybody did.”

The first rule of barbecue is low and slow – but the temperature started rising after Jeff complied with the directive.

“The whole time I’m thinking –the reason I fly the flag is because I love America,” he said. “I love what it stands for. It’s a way to say to our current and former troops – thank you.”

So Jeff had a change of heart and decided to raise Old Glory – as an act of defiance.

“It was a matter of saying there are things more important (than a barbecue competition),” he said. “If they want to kick me out – I’ll leave.”

Jeff was not kicked out and he was not asked to take down the flag. As a matter of fact – after he re-raised the flag another competitor followed suit.

So why were the patriotic pitmasters told to take down the flags?

Jeff said they were told by event organizers that the flags violated a city ordinance in Daphne. But that allegation turned out to be false.

“No one from the city advised or asked anyone to take down flags of any type,” Mayor Dane Haygood told me. “”We proudly and boldly display American flags and we encourage everyone in the community to do the same.”

It turns out the order to remove the flags came from the tour director of the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

“As a measure of precaution, we asked everyone to take down any kind of signs or any kind of flags that were being displayed,” spokesman Mike McCloud told me. “It turned out that some of those happened to be American flags.”

Several years ago McCloud said there had been a similar issue in Daphne when “there was some official request made to take things down.”

“We wanted to be careful,” he said. “We like doing barbecue events in the South and we wanted to make sure we follow any local ordinances and procedures.”

McCloud said after they further investigated the local ordinance – they eventually told the pitmasters they could fly their flags. So they investigated a local ordinance even though the city maintains there is no local ordinance banning the flying of American flags?

And why would the Kansas City Barbecue Society blame the city of Daphne – when in fact the city of Daphne did nothing wrong? It seems to me like they owe the mayor and the pitmasters an apology.

“I don’t know an apology is in order,” McCloud told me. “We’ve explained to the barbecue teams what happened. The city did not approach our event and ask us to do anything. We were cautious in our suggestion to people to be aware of issues and once we told people that we understood it better – that it was okay to post their American flags.”

The Star – Spangled Banner has survived bombs bursting in air and the rocket’s red glare – only to be done-in by an ordinance that doesn’t exist.

As politically correct as our nation has become, I never thought I would see the day when American flags would be banned from a barbecue competition. That’s something you would expect to happen at a vegetarian cook-off.

I am so excited to announce plans for my inaugural Fall Getaway! I hope you will join me Oct. 16-18 at The Cove at the Billy Graham Training Center in North Carolina! We are expecting a wonderful weekend of worship, Bible study, fellowship, delicious meals and lots of laughter!jeffress

And what better place to watch the leaves change colors than the Blue Ridge Mountains?

My weekend getaway is designed to be relaxing! We want you to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation. We want you to meet new friends. Renew and Refresh!

Dr. Robert Jeffress, the pastor of the First Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, will be our Bible teacher for the weekend. You’ve probably recognized him from Fox News Channel – where he is one of our great contributors. I always enjoy those moments when Dr. Jeffress is discussing theology on The O’Reilly Factor!

Brian Free & Assurance, one of Southern Gospel’s hottest bands, will be singing in all of our services — and on Oct. 17th they will be performing a full concert — just for our gathering!

View More: http://mattandrewsphotography.pass.us/daywindMichelle Cox is a name very familiar to our readers. She provides weekly recipes for my website – and she’s also one of the best Christian authors I know. You will be blessed by her sweet southern spirit!

Voices of Lee will be performing a special concert for us on Oct. 18th. Voices is a vocal group from Lee University, one of our nation’s greatest Christian schools! You might remember Voices when they performed nationally on NBC’s “The Sing-Off.”

And warm up your voices for an old-fashioned church sing-along! We’ll be tapping our toes and raising our hands as we sing some of those old-time Gospel songs — like “I’ll Fly Away” and “When the Roll is Called Up Yonder.”

The Cove also has renowned chefs – who prepare buffet-style meals! The food is simply outstanding! And there will be an unlimited supply of snacks and refreshments in-between meals!voices

You will also have a chance to explore the beautiful mountains and the historic chapel – truly breathtaking!

You’ll have a chance to share meals with all of our guest speakers and artists. And they have all agreed to do book and CD signings!

I hope you will make plans to join us for this spectacular weekend! For information on registration, contact The Cove at 1-800-950-2092.

In the meantime, visit The Cove’s website to check out where we will be enjoying our “grownup retreat”!

The Cove is a 1,200 acre getaway in Asheville, North Carolina where gifted Christian leaders, teachers, and speakers guide people in studying God’s Word.  To register call – 1-800-950-2092!

Here’s the recipe that Sarah Palin referenced in my All-American Christmas Special! It’s really delicious, folks!

“It can’t be beat,” she told our studio audience in Memphis. “It’s the only thing in the world I will ever brag about. I’ll say nice things about my children and my dog and my husband — but it’s my chili that I will brag about!”

Listen to Sarah talk about her famous Christmoose Chili by clicking here!


1 pound moose hamburger (or caribou or beef)
1 pkg of regular chili seasoning mix
1 pkg of hot chili seasoning mix
2 16-ounce cans of tomato sauce
8 16-ounce cans of kidney beans


1. Over a medium flame brown the meat in a large stove top pan. Once it is browned, transfer the meat to a Crock-Pot if you are using one. Add the chili seasoning mixes, tomato sauce and kidney beans. (Sarah says to drain about half the cans of beans. Pour in the remaining cans.)

2. Stir the chili, bring to a boil, and then simmer for at least one hour.

Note from Sarah:

“The toppings make the chili. We use shredded cheese and dollops of sour cream atop each bowl. I set out chopped onions as another option. Todd and the other guys in the family tend to go for Pilot Bread to dip into their chili. (It’s also called Sailor Boy. It’s a thick, round dry wafer that is one of our most versatile foods. You can spread peanut butter or Spam on it, and you’ll find this staple in every tackle box or cooler up north. I don’t believe these crackers ever expire.) Others prefer tortilla chips to sprinkle on top.”

Sarah says this recipe will serve at least eight folks.

“We usually have a Crock-Pot full on the counter throughout the holidays,” she said.

Get a copy of “Good Tidings and Great Joy” for more recipes from Sarah’s kitchen!

Scenes from our upcoming All-American Christmas! Meet the cast of the Bellevue Baptist Church Singing Christmas Tree! Hundreds of students participated – what a wonderful group of young people! Watch online on Christmas Eve at 10 a.m. on this website!

Karen Kingbury, Chris Tomlin, Ellie Holcomb and Kyle Kupecky were incredibly gracious during their visit to The Todd Starnes All-American Christmas. They are good people as we say back home! Prior to the show, they met with fans and shared a delicious barbecue dinner. Thank you, Bellevue Baptist Church for being such gracious hosts! Watch our show on Christmas Eve – 10 a.m. on this website! Click here for more information about The Singing Christmas Tree DVD.