Premium Podcast Account Access

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Download the FOX News Radio Toolbar (Internet Explorer-only) to listen to your premium podcasts. It’s fast, it’s easy, and works right in your Internet Explorer browser.

Podcast Apps:

If you wish to use a podcast app on a smartphone or tablet, look for instructions on how to add a “Feed URL” in the app (or how to manually add a subscription URL) and then type/paste in your private podcast URL where indicated. Enter your podcast user name and podcast password when prompted, and be sure to choose to save your password if it’s an option.

Podcast access using iTunes:

1. Copy your entire private podcast URL.
2. Open iTunes.
3. To show the “File” menu (if not already visible) on the top left of the iTunes program, press the Ctrl+B keys on your keyboard.
4. Click “File”. When the sub-menu appears, click “Subscribe to Podcast…”.
5. When the “Subscribe to Podcast” box appears, paste your private podcast URL in the box and click OK.
6. When prompted, enter your podcast user name and podcast password. Click the check box to remember your password, then click the “LogIn” button.
7. Your first (most recent) podcast should start downloading. To see the rest of the podcasts available for downloading, click the “Feed” menu item at the top right of the iTunes “My Podcasts” window. To download any additional episodes, click the down arrow surrounded by a “cloud” icon next to the episode you wish to save.

A free iTunes desktop alternative (works with iTunes) for Windows is called “Ziepod”. Download Ziepod today at

Premium Podcast Frequently Asked Questions