Ted Nugent: President Obama is a “bad, deceitful, America-hating man.”

ted nugentThursday legendary and controversial rocker Ted Nugent made his return to "The Alan Colmes Show" to talk about his recent concerts which were cancelled, his past comments about President Obama and Hillary Clinton, and issues of the day including the border crisis and gun control.

As everyone knows, the Motor City Madman is not afraid to speak his mind, and took on callers on both sides of the political debate from all over the country.

One caller wanted Ted to address what he meant when he called the President a "subhuman mongrel:"

NUGENT: "I need to search of accurate and emphatic terms to condemn what this President, what this administration, the corruption of power, the abuse of powers going on in this country, and in the heat of battle, after hearing story after story of good American families being jackbooted, because the EPA claims they're on wetlands when there is no moisture. When their farms are being shut down because of a salamander where there's no salamander. The wrong houses being raided"

COLMES: "Look we can debate all that stuff"

NUGENT: "I was extremely agitated and I was coming out of a number of communications with a number of families that were heartbroken in tears and that interview erupted right then and there after discussing these tragedies, these offenses by our government and so those terms came out. What is a subhuman mongrel? It's just terminology. How about this? Try this on for size. He's a bad deceitful America hating man."

Watch these and other explosive comments here: